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University of Arkansas Guide to Bikes on Campus

The University of Arkansas strongly encourages cycling around campus. Riding a bike is an inexpensive and healthy way to get around and an easy way to incorporate physical activity into your daily schedule. Bicycling is also a significant component of the university's long-term goals in reducing air pollution and traffic on campus. In 2016, University of Arkansas attained "Silver" status from The League of American Bicyclists. This rating is based on 5 characteristics:

  • Engineering - Campus has made a significant investment in its bicycle facilities and has invested in making the streets around the campus bicycle friendly. Engineering standards meet the currently recognized safety standards and regular training is provided for staff.
  • Education - Bicycling educational materials are provided to all students, staff, and faculty. Safety classes are offered on a regular basis and the campus actively promotes safe bicycling.
  • Encouragement - Campus has an on-campus bike shop and/or a bike-share program.
  • Enforcement - Officers are familiar with laws relating to bicyclists and work with the bicycling community on campus to disseminate safety information to motorists and cyclists. Some officers are patrolling on bikes and provide safety outreach on-bike.
  • Evaluation - A significant percentage of students, faculty and staff bike to campus more than twice a week. Goals have been set for campus-wide bike use.