Bicycle Policies

Where Can I Ride?

On the Road

According to the City of Fayetteville Bicycle Traffic Code, cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as vehicles when riding on the road. This includes obeying all traffic signs and signals. (Fayetteville Code §73.01)

On the Sidewalk

Riding on the sidewalks is also allowed, except in a business district. When riding on a sidewalk, cyclists must give audible warning when passing a pedestrian (§73.05). Further, cyclists should use bicycle paths when available. (§73.04)

On Campus

Pedestrian Only Zone

The Pedestrian Only Zone is essentially bordered by the Arkansas Union on the west, Campus Walk on the east, the School of Law and Agriculture buildings on the north and the Fine Arts and Chemistry buildings on the south.In order to enhance pedestrian and biker safety, the core of campus has been designated as a pedestrian only zone (see map). Cyclists are encouraged to dismount and walk their bikes through the pedestrian zone between 8AM and 5PM on weekdays.

Where Can I Park?

Please see Section 3, Bicycle Parking, of the U of A Parking Regulations for the complete university policy.

When parking a bike on campus, you must secure your bike using a commercially available bike lock. Bike locks are available for purchase for $20 at the Parking Office in the Administration Services Building on Razorback Road. In order to prevent bicycle theft, all bicycles parked on campus are required to be registered and display a UA Bicycle Permit. Bicycle permits are free and can be obtained through Parking and Transit.

Bicycles should be secured to a bike rack or loop wherever possible. If none are available in the vicinity, bikes may be secured to handrails and unpainted light posts so long as they are not blocking pedestrian access. Bicycles may not be secured to trees, landscaping, sign posts, parking meter posts, or painted light poles.

Residence halls may have additional bicycle storage policies. Inquire at the residence hall office as to the whereabouts of bicycle racks and/or indoor bicycle storage.

Riding at Night

In Fayetteville, cyclists are required to use a front lamp that is visible from at least 500 feet, as well as a red rear reflector, when riding at night.