Bicycle Parking

Please see Section 3, Bicycle Parking, of the U of A Parking Regulations for the complete university policy.

When parking a bike on campus, you must secure your bike using a commercially available bike lock. Bike locks are available for purchase for $20 at the Parking Office in the Administration Services Building on Razorback Road. In order to prevent bicycle theft, all bicycles parked on campus are required to be registered and display a UA Bicycle Permit. Bicycle permits are free and can be obtained through Parking and Transit.

Bicycles should be secured to a bike rack or loop wherever possible. If none are available in the vicinity, bikes may be secured to handrails and unpainted light posts so long as they are not blocking pedestrian access. Bicycles may not be secured to trees, landscaping, sign posts, parking meter posts, or painted light poles.

Residence halls may have additional bicycle storage policies. Inquire at the residence hall office as to the whereabouts of bicycle racks and/or indoor bicycle storage.